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The involvement of community life is important to us, and to the communities we’re part of. It keeps our residents active and engaged, and gives back to the community our residents, businesses and organisations’ experience, safety, drug free lifestyles, maturity, trust, education, employment and wisdom. This is why we go the extra mile to build relationships with local businesses, organisations, schools, individuals to deliver the WDRP programme to rehabilitated person (s) and the local members of the community.

The following United Foundation Ltd's, programmes are being implemented in walsall:

1. Prostrate Cancer Awareness Project

2. Advice and Counselling Service

3. Walsall Drugs Rehabilitation Project - Awareness

United Foundation Ltd are working towards building a relationship with our community members, local
businesses, organisations, public schools, religious
institutes and local authorities. We strive for better
communication and adherence with our communities,
and aim to educate, facilitate them on the major issues
that we as community in Walsall face. As a charity we
continue to undertake take a more proactive approach in outreach efforts for our communities in Walsall and help introduce programmes that benefit our local communities regardless of ethnic and national origins.

United Foundation Ltd has been involved in specially developed community-based projects that are intended to assist communities facing difficulties in complying too and addressing issues that affect & relate to: drugs, alcohol & substance abuse, social, domestic issues, domestic violence, neglect, prostitution, racism, etc.. and meeting Aftercare treatment.

Aftercare projects include anything from counselling, youth activities, sports, education and search for employment.


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