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What is a WDRP aftercare programme?

United Foundation Ltd will be providing their aftercare services from their offices based in Caldmore, Walsall and therefore providing support to the following south ward constituency areas Caldmore, Pleck and Palfrey. The aftercare programme works with adults aged 18 years and over. Young people may be referred on to the Young Person's Specialist Prevention Service (SPS) for initial assessment if appropriate. It offers structured psychological and social support to those who have completed treatment in community and/or residential based services and for those who have completed treatment in and left prison and are returning to the community. WDRP is built around the need to change old patterns of thinking and behaviour.

WDRP Aftercare Programme Provides:

1. A flexible mix of one-to-one counselling sessions, housing, education group support and social events across the Walsall vicinity

2. Practical advice and support to address issues of employment, education, finance and health

3. Support to people completing residential rehabilitation placements or who have left prison or detox centres

4. Access to testing for HIV, Hepatitis A, B and C and immunisation for Hepatitis A and B

5. Local non-statutory service support to other statutory and non-statutory agencies who meet people with drug and alcohol related problems

6. Practical advice to family members or carers of WDRP service users

Referral routes:

1. Self referral

2. Referral from your GP or NHS

3. Referral from other agencies

4. Referrals through testing positive to class A drugs on arrest

5. Referrals from prisons

6. Referrals from court either as part of a bail condition or for assessment for treatment as part of a community sentence

WDRP post-aftercare social gatherings/events

On completion of the initial aftercare programme, on-going longer term support is offered through peer led social gatherings supported by WDRP workers.

Our WDRP aftercare Program provides:

1. Experienced counsellors and group support
2. Variety of intervention therapies tailored to individual needs
3. Safe, friendly staff supportive staff ready to help the recovery process and provide support after rehabilitation and explore new avenues
4. 24-hour control centre support

5. Female staff for female patients
6. Multi-lingual staff
7. Walk in support

Relapse Prevention Program after Treatment:

Recovering drug users are encouraged to attend our free day program, meetings & events, and occupational income generating training schemes.

Family Counselling is available for family members of people with addictions. Counselling focuses on helping family members to understand the addiction, providing information on resources available for people with addictions, and educating the family on addictive behaviour. After treatment, the family counselling introduces the family to the problem of co-dependency and promotes the understanding that substance abuse is a disease and further educates the family in how to communicate with recovering individuals.



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