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The Crest Foundation Company Ltd By Guarantee Registration No: 7376768

The Crest Foundation Charity Registration No: England & Wales: 1143464

The United Foundation Company Ltd By Guarantee Registration No: 9156359
The United Foundation Registered Charity No: England & Wales: TBA


We believe that effective treatment & aftercare needs to be tailored to the individuals needs as each circumstance is different. Each person needs committed and caring support as they move forward step by step. Supporting people to recover & integrate into the community with the tools necessary is central to our work.

We are an independent Charity who is actively seeking to provide solutions concerning: domestic relief, seeking community development that helps those affected by natural disasters, conflict, Drugs & Alcohol problems, domestic issues, oppression, prostate cancer awareness and Health & Wellbeing matters.

However we aim to develop close local relations with all communities and help provide support by improving peoples lifestyles and those inflicted by; deprivocation, substance abuse, poverty, illness and disaster regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender and nationality 'we are aimelessly searching for long term solutions to the growing problems of the local & international community to improve Health & Wellbeing'. We play a key role in developing new approaches to the design and delivery of our services by working in partnership with other organisations at a national and local level.

At United Foundation Ltd, we believe that everyone, irrespective of race, colour or faith has the fundamental right to a life of dignity, free of poverty, oppression, drugs or alcohol, problems has access to the best services and support that enables them to change their lives and unlock their full potential.

At United Foundation Ltd we believe that poverty can and must be eradicated, as it exists primarily due to the unjust distribution of resources and lack of accountability.

At United Foundation Ltd, we believe that by working directly with poor communities we can bring about positive changes from the heart of those communities.

At United Foundation Ltd, we believe that literacy, education and job-skills training, Heath & Wellbeing are fundamental to the physical/mental/economic/ habitual development of all needy communities and are the most effective tool for empowering the poor to break out of poverty and help sustain healthy lifelstyles.

At United Foundation Ltd, we believe we are service providers to millions of people who share our view that "together, we can help unify communities to stand united against issues that affect our communities and danger the health and well being of all individuals and families through the improvement of lifestyles. Putting service users in charge of their lives and placing them at the heart of our organisation is essential to achieving our charitable objectives.

United Foundation Ltd will engage its activities in the following areas:

    1. Help assit with counselling, Advice & Advocacy, provide help towards the benefits advice service, at our walk in centres

    2. Create awareness through campaigns about Drugs abuse, Prostate Cancer and other Health & Wellbeing matters.

    3. Stop violence against women, men, children and vulnerable adults

    4. Stop oppression, violence and provide advice to people affected by domestic abuse

    5. Prevent/Stop gang violence through education and consultation

    6. Help Provide support and networking/signposting to those in need of services

    7. Working towards the elimination of poverty

    8. Seeking justice for Refugees, Asylum and Displacement of people

    9. Religion/Religious Discrimination


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'The United Foundation is a sub organisation of The Crest Foundation Umbrella Group of Companies.'
Registered Address: 5 West Bromwich Street, Walsall, WS1 4BP | Tel. 01922 630767 | Fax. 01922 630767
Registered Charity No: England & Wales TBA | Company Registration No: 9156359
Head Charity Umbrella Organisation: The Crest Foundation Ltd
Registered Address: 5 West Bromwich Street, Walsall, WS1 4BP | Tel. 01922 630767 | Fax. 01922 630767
The Crest Foundation Charity Registration No. Engalnd & Wales: 1143464

The Crest Foundation Company Registration No. Engalnd & Wales: 7376768
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